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I think it’s fitting to be looking at this project this Autumn Equinox and reaffirm the importance this project has for me. I am looking at Relaunching the entire site and moving away from Facebook where most of the activity has been over the last year, even if in sporadic spurts. The biggest problem is that I have a dream, a dream of local community, of local news and discussions on how we as Pagans can make a positive impact in our lives and in the lives of our neighbors. I do not get out much in the Pagan community. I am really very much an outsider and an unknown. And I know this makes it doubly hard to find the groups and folks who would love to contribute their thoughts to this.

What I do have is a dream. I face a lot of personal issues that has let to a crippling of this blog at times. But then, I never envisioned this to be a one person band. I keep reading other Pagan news sites and think to myself, why don’t Hampton Roads have this? Why don’t we have a voice? I want to see this local community to have a Voice, even if it isn’t here on this blog.

I strongly believe that to build community, communication must be taking place; somewhere. So why not here?

Local Scouting Group Gets a Shout-out by National Media

Found a great tidbit of local news on NBCNews website, Wiccans, earth-lovers, do-gooders: There’s a ‘scouting’ group for your kid. It wasn’t a news piece I was expecting. I figured that it would have the almost required piece of negative bias, which it kinda did but in lousy quality. Just enough I can ignore it and shout with glee for what it did contain. It told me something I didn’t and what blows me away is that it was National Media telling me and not my local Pagan Media outlet……which is me by the way. (Now if there are other local Pagan Media outlets serving my local area, please lets get in touch!)

There is a local scouting chapter based in Newport News, VA called the Navigators USA, with as many as 25 kids and a waiting list. As a mother and a Pagan, this is great news!

Way to go guys!!

Local Happenings and Events for November 2012


Weekly Events

Mystic Moon’s Drum Circle 
Mondays 7pm-10pm
walk-ins welcome $3 door fee
Mystic Moon 3365 North Military Highway in Norfolk

Divination Class with Shaman
Wednesday 7pm -9pm
walk-ins welcome  donation requested
Mystic Moon 3365 North Military Highway in Norfolk

Practical Magick Class 
Thursday 7pm-9pm
$5 fee per class
Mystic Moon 3365 North Military Highway in Norfolk

Wicca 101 &102 Classes
Alternating Monday & Wednesday 7pm – 9pm
Check Kindred Spirit’s Calendar for exact dates.
RSVP by calling 757-480-0424. $30 fee
Kindred Spirit 2354 E. Little Creek Road in Norfolk

November 2012

November 9  6pm – 8:30pm

Steampunk/Gothic Tea Party sponsored by Mystic Moon
Come dressed in your best Steampunk or Goth attire!
Prizes will be given for the Best Costume, Best Steampunk invention, Best Poet, and some other surprise contests…
Come for the tea, the food, fun and entertainment.
Tickets are – $7.00 in advance
$10.00 at the door, space is limited!

November 27  7pm – 9pm

Full Moon Ceremony sponsored by Kindred Spirit
Open to all who wish to celebrate the lunar holidays. Eclectic pantheon. No charge. Open to all serious participants. Please RSVP to 757-480-0424. Door is locked and circle begins promptly at 7:30.

Still looking for other local events? Check out event calendar!

If I have missed your event this time, please let me know by comment or the contact page!

Missing November

I apologize for not posting last month’s events.  I hope everyone looking for local Pagan events was able to do so through the resources and links on this site. Life and motherhood has a way of knocking things to the back burner. Last month clearly shows the need of additional contributors. I am still looking for folks who are willing to give a few hours of time per month to help contribute, edit and write articles for the site. If you are interested please use the contact me page or email hrpagans AT gmail DOT com.

A Bit of Site News

We’re using a new theme now, The Morning After. I’ve had trouble updating the last theme I used; Oxygen, properly. It was supposed to have rotating sticky pages. I don’t know what went wrong, me or the theme. So I’m trying out this new theme. I hope it looks and functions better than the last one. Please let me know what you think.

This site’s been live for about a month now. According to WordPress stats, there has been over 122 views and 2 subscribers. This is a great start for a local community focused site. Thank you.

There is a Facebook Page if you’d like to follow and contribute via FB.

I also created a listing on Witchvox. I’m not sure how much traffic that will drive to this site but I’m working on getting the word out.

What I’d really like is; contributors. I’m looking for authors for articles, photographers; anyone who has a love for the area and the Pagan community. I know we have a vibrant community here. It’s just a bit hidden like a candle under a barrel.

So please shine on and share this site far and wide.

Isabella LeCour

Pagan News from Around the Seven Cities


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